• Rita A. Wallace Posey

    Rita A. Wallace Posey, is the CEO of Wallace Posey Enterprise. She is an Author and Inspirational Speaker | Business Owner |Film Writer | Executive Producer |President, Lights, Camera, & Actions Workshop| CEO & Editor in Chief of Mogul Leaders Magazine MLM |WBGR Radio Host Gospel Shows ~ Weekly Wednesday Word and Inspirational Reality Show ~ Proverbs 31 Woman Pushing Purpose.

    New Movie Night Before Day (based on a true story from the book), coming soon. The movie tells us how two people living a wonderous and blissful life until a sudden shift took place that changed the course of their life. God called me to make an announcement to the brokenhearted that there will be times when we’re going to question, how does one stand on the Word of God when hope seems abandoned and faith is hemorrhaging?

    When we lose someone precious, it’s an emotional issue and quickly becomes a spiritual challenge We tend to feel God has betrayed us and that creates another major loss in our lives. I had to convey the message that God is not offended as we vent and share with Him the surge of emotions we are experiencing inside. In fact, He wants us come to Him so we can receive the healing we need to move us forward in the process toward His purpose.

    Book Title: “Speaking From the Heart of Widows & Widowers” complied by Rita A. Wallace Posey and second book titled “GO THROUGH AND OVERCOME THE GRIEF, PAIN, AND PRESSURE TO RECLAIM YOUR PURPOSE” is written to help those that are struggling with the loss of a loved one and can seem to find a thread of hope on life.

    Ms. Wallace Posey, is on a mission to motivate men and women through their journey of brokenness to a life of prosperity by sharing with them her tried and true method healing. She’s the author of “Go Through and Overcome the Grief, Pain and Pressure to Reclaim Your Purpose.” The book was written for readers who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Also, to help one to find a pathway to the healing processing by reflecting on God’s wisdom, authority, love and His Word. She shares how we must trust God even in the mist of grief, trials and tribulations; because there is a divine, favorable and chosen time to do things on Earth.

    She is a widow, Federal government retiree with over 30+ years in Federal Government, Founder & President of her own business for 12+ years DDBN Vending. And Rita is currently attending Calvary Christian College, Waldorf, Maryland. She recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and currently enrolled in the Master’s Degree program.


    Wallace Posey is a former member of the National Association for Professional Women (NAPW), Life Journeys Writers Guild, Inc., Southern Maryland Minority Chamber of Commerce (SMMCOC), National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and board member of the Charles County Commission for Women while still an active volunteer in her community. She is also a committed, loving and devoted mother and grandmother lives in Maryland. She cherishes and enjoys every moment with her family. Wallace Posey is grateful for a rebirth of life and more…


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